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Your Firearm is Not a Prop

I was scrolling through social media, and recently I’ve seen many people, especially men in the circles I run in, post so much content with firearms and act like they are props.

Now I carry a gun for protection, especially when I know I will be out late or with people, I care about and want to protect if such an unthinkable thing shall occur. I do not flash my gun around. In fact, there are many times people don’t know I have it. Close friends of mine often assume I have it, and my roommate will know because he will see me take it from the safe when I carry it. I don’t announce it and don’t plan to unless I am approached by an officer, like the time I was pulled over and disclosed to him that I was concealed carrying.

I have recently noticed that guns have been like props for people to feel important and powerful. They parade around with them on Instagram, open carry to show off the people at bars, or at the drop of a hat talk about their ‘amazing shooting skills.’

I’m not saying you shouldn’t open carry or talk about guns but don’t make it your entire personality, and most certainly don’t use it to establish dominance or belittle people who are trying to have normal interaction with you.

If you carry a firearm or a knife or pepper spray, whatever it is, it is not a prop to show off to people to gain popularity points.

There is also a certain mentality that I have seen among people to trot around guns but not know the importance and significance of them. When carrying a firearm or even just having one within the house, you should know all the rules and how to handle them properly. I know all the rules and how to handle firearms, knives, or any other protective instruments that I possess. If you do not know the rules, you are a ticking time bomb, and you are putting everyone around you at risk with the law and in regards to their safety.

These are not toys, and they are not to be taken lightly, they can cause serious injury to you and those around you if not handled with the respect and care that is needed.

There is one last thing that I believe recently the firearm community (even though I hate that term) and those who conceal carry various levels of protective instruments that they are not willing to use them if necessary. I am not calling for violence, and I hope you never find yourself in that position but know that if you are being attacked and you pull out your weapon, you have to know how to handle that firearm, the laws regarding that firearm in the area you are, and the consequences of your actions both legally, physically, and mentally.

I luckily have never had to draw anything to defend myself, but I know that if I do, I am willing to do what I must to protect myself and the people around me. I know my firearm is not a prop, and I don’t treat it like one.

You should never treat your firearm like a prop. If you wave it around and brag about it, you are taking away the dignity of carriers and downplaying the serious nature of your firearm, and if you draw your gun, knife, or pepper spray and yet have no intention of using it, you are only escalating a fight to a level you are not ready to handle if the time comes for it to happen.

Your firearm is not a prop, and do not treat it as such.

It is one of the most important rights we have as Americans and one of the things that require the most responsibility from us. Don’t let your stupid actions diminish us and our rights.


Parting is such sweet sorrow, but until we meet again.

With love,


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