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You Are Not My God and You Never Will Be

By Mae Abbet

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I know Covid is a touchy subject, and I know I a going to cause Emma’s page to get flagged just like how Madison is later this week. Both Madison and I share opinions that people on Instagram and Twitter won’t like. I’m sure when this is posted on Instagram, we will have our first “click for more information regards Covid/Vaccines” underneath it. I’m looking forward to it.

The other day the New York governor, Kathy Hochul, said that the vaccine came “from God” as she wears a necklace that shows her vaccination status. Even worse, she says that vaccinated people must be “her apostles” as if to deliver the good news of vaccines.

A couple of months ago, if we talked about vaccine passports and booster shots, we were considered conspiracy theorists, and now we have the governor firing people who don’t get shots, Biden on a fake set getting booster vaccines, and now we have to be “apostles” and wear our vaccination status around our next like a crucifix.

Big government, over the past two years, has made rapid strides to become our new religion. People both on the left and the right scream about extremes of one another but fail to realize that on both sides of the extreme, the government is seen as God. Fascists and communists both see the government as the center of life instead of religion.

When has a government that wanted to control every aspect of our lives turned out to be good? Can you name one? Most certainly not Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea, China, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, and many others throughout history.

In the United States, my rights are not granted to me by the government; they are granted to me by my God, and those rights trump anything the governments wants of me. The government is not my God. They have no right to tell me that I am essential or not in my place of business and they most certainly have no right forcing me to get injected with something I don’t want in order to get food or have my job.

I will not be your vaccine apostle, and I’m not going to worship the government like many people are. I’m not going to sing praise to Fauci or Biden, and I’m not going to follow them blindly like a cult.

Science is meant to be questioned, and the government is meant to be regulated. We have forgotten that in the past two years, and if we keep going down this route, we will never have our freedoms back, and our children will be forced to face the consequences of our sins.

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