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Why is One Murder and the Other is Celebrated?

By Anthony Belsky

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I do not hide the fact that I am pro-life, and I have gotten a lot of hate and into many debates about it, especially during my time in college. It seems to now be a standard position to hold that abortion until the time of birth is acceptable, no questions asked for pro-abortion people. When abortions were first on the table, and up to a few years ago, it was said to be “safe, legal, and rare,” emphasis on the rare part.

However, now it is becoming something that is embraced in society and cheered. Women now post on Tik Tok about their abortions, and every year at the Women’s March, we have women screaming in the seats about how it is their right to kill their child. On top of that, I have seen these women become hostile and aggressive with other women who are pro-life, going as far as saying that pro-life women aren’t “real women.”

Many pro-choice people go as far as saying that abortions should be performed up until the baby is crowning, and yet when a mother kills her baby after birth, it is horrendous and wrong. Why is one murder, but the other is murder? Aren’t they both the same thing? The ending of a life.

I was watching The Matt Walsh Show while he was talking about this story of a mother throwing her seven month year old baby off a parking garage. The mother was arrested for first-degree murder as she should be, and there is an agreement among many people that this is a horrendous act. Yet if this were seven months earlier, she would have been applauded by people, and it would have been “her right” to do so.

Why are we putting a value on the baby’s life now but not when in the womb? A baby has a heartbeat three weeks out from conception, five weeks they have a brain, after twenty-four weeks, all of their organs are developed. Why are babies not considered human then? Why don’t they get rights? Why aren’t they given the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that you and I are entitled to? Why are babies only allowed to live if it is convenient for us? Can you imagine your parents killing you because it wasn’t ‘convenient for them to have you? How cruel is that, and yet you turn and tell others that their life isn’t worth it because it ‘might be hard,’ or it is ‘inconvenient?

Human life should be worth more than when it’s convenient. That is no way to judge a person’s life.

We must protect our kids and our future generations. Why do we cry tears when an infant is killed but cheer when a baby in the womb who is only a few weeks younger is ripped apart limb from limb. We are turning into savages with how we disregard human life. This is no way for us to behave in society. We have become desensitized and taught to cheer on death like it is an Olympic sport. Society can not continue this way. We are killing our culture and future from the inside.

We must change. We have to stop charging one as murder and celebrating the other. We must say it for what it truly is. We are murdering our future generations before they even get to see the sun or feel the air on their skin. We are murdering our children before they even get a chance to experience life. We have to stop. We must do better at protecting our children both inside and outside of the womb.

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