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We Are the Pro-Life Generation

By Anthony Belsky

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The world is a dark and scary place, but I refuse to think that there is more evil than good. I write a lot about abortion and the pro-life movement on this website, infact I think that is all I have written about on this website because I see it as a way to fight for what I believe in. I come from an extremely left wing family, in a far left-wing state, and I go to a far left-wing college. So when I bring up the idea of being pro-life and not murdering babies for convenience, I tend to get backlash.

But I see the tides are turning. I truly believe we are the Pro-Life Generation, and we should wear that title with humility and honor. We have been put on this earth and follow the teachings of God and morality that we must protect the most vulnerable among us.

I was recently in DC for the Pro-Life event that took place in front of the Supreme Court. It was my first time going to an event like that, and I didn’t expect to see so many people my age. When I watched the videos, I always thought that they were selectively edited to make it look like people my age were all taking charge at these events, but they were.

I got to speak to many people who thought the same as me and also those who believed differently. I was able to talk to the counter-protesters and, even though they weren’t very open to speaking with me, I was able to hear their arguments and see what they wanted. I don’t mean to sound condescending it is not what I mean to be, but they didn’t seem well. They were screaming about how they were being abused and how they wanted to be “whores” (that was actually a chant I heard some people saying). Why would a woman ever want to be considered a whore? I saw women screaming about themsevles, and what they wanted, and when you asked about what the baby might be like, they got aggressive with you, one of my friends that I made was hit with a sign when trying to talk to one of these women.

I think it shows how broken our society is. These are the same people who have been conditioned to scream and cry when the death penalty or lethal force is used but cheer at the idea of being able to kill a baby up until the moment of birth. It shows how broken, and morally corrupt our society has become. It breaks my heart, but I can honestly say there were more people yelling to protect babies than to kill them at those protests. Our protest was bigger, and we were there to help, that is why we are here and what we are called to do.

Texas was the state to get the ball rolling and other states are working hard to protect the future of America. A society can not survive if we continue to promote the murder of our future generations. We are far past the point of normalization, and now it is being promoted and glorified.

The world is a dark place, but there is still light, and it is growing. We aren’t going to be stopped. As long as we have good heart patriots and people of God on our side, we are not going to stop until we protect and serve the most vulnerable and oppressed Americans and then we will move internationally to protect the babies of every country.

It is our God-given right to life, and we can’t pick and choose who lives. We aren’t God, and we need to stop acting like we are.

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