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TikTok is (Suprisingly) Creating a New Era of Story Tellers

By Emma Woodhead

- - ┈┈∘┈˃̶༒˂̶┈∘┈┈ - -

I never thought I would say it, but TikTok has done something positive. I didn’t think I would say it. I, like many others, use TikTok to watch cute dog videos or just to pass the time when I want to procrastinate, but there is a side of TikTok that is making strides and is rapidly growing for the best.

On TikTok, there is a growing community of storytellers, taking to different media and genres to share their talents. It was something that Vine didn’t have and something that Instagram and youtube are limited to. Yes, those platforms both have the options for it, but I don’t think either comes close to the influence TikTok does for the Gen-Z audience and creators.

On this gigantic and international app, there is a community of poets, authors, musicians, and cinematographers climbing the ranks on this massive and global app. They often don’t get featured on FYP pages, but when you find the niche communities, they are exploding with creativity, entertainment, passion, and desire to create and share the stories of people.

I have watched cinemagoers from Sydney to rural Montana, listened to poets from NYC and Moscow, enjoyed musicans from Texas and Paris and everywhere in between. This community is rapidly growing, and every day, it is getting more creative with the boundaries these creators are willing to go.

TikTok does have its bad side, political TikTok, POVs, and the viral dances over become washed up, boring, and annoying (among other things), but when you look deep into TikTok and find a community that speaks to you, and you relate to you will be amazed at the people you can find and indeed be able to enjoy the content.

For so long, creators have been forced to plea for a dying Hollywood to accept us, and now the roles are starting to reverse. With the rise of social media, young creators are now able to control their fates and reach people that they couldn’t have a few years ago. There is no need for creators to rush to Hollywood when they can create a loyal and supportive fanbase from their house.

TikTok has its flaws, and I am well aware of it, but it also has done some good. It has fostered a community of people who can make movies, art, and stories with their phones without needing the approval of Hollywood because we can do it ourselves, and that is something no one can take away from us.

Some creators I think you should check out to introduce you to this side of TikTok are

  • @writtenanddirectedbyhano (a director, writer, and cinematographer)

  • @codygene (a painter)

  • @writtenbybrooks (a writer)

  • @miracledb (a poet)

  • @recider (a director and cinematographer)

  • @iphigoodyo (a filmmaker)

  • @patricknodriscoll (a vlogger and cinematographer)

  • @mjhanks (a musician who uses viral TikTok audio)

  • @connorkauff (a musician)

  • @bluehairdammsel (a video editor)

  • @saxenassoraj (a visual storyteller)

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