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The Time Hollywood Finally Chose Life: The Secret Pro-Life Movie

By Anthony Belsky

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Back when the movie “A Quiet Place” came out, I heard many pro-life commentators talking about how the movie was one of the most pro-life films and how Hollywood, which is filled with actresses and actors that cheer for abortions, let that slip by? At first, I thought that was the commentators reaching for the theory. I mean, how could a horror movie be a pro-life movie? I couldn’t see the connection, and the film faded into the background of my mind- not getting another thought from me.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my friend and I were watching TV, and the trailer for A Quiet Place II came one, and he started to tell me how it was a pro-life movie. It was then I realized I had to watch it. If my friend was now talking about it years after the commentators were, then the film had to be enough for the thoughts to stick with him. That night we watched the first movie, and I was shocked to see just how pro-life it was.

Emily Blunt, who plays the mother in the film, put on a spectacular performance. During the entire movie, Blunt’s character continued to sacrifice herself for the baby she is carrying. In the climax scene where she is giving birth in the bathtub, she is doing everything she can to be silent so that she and her baby survive. It is at this moment you realize the pro-life messaging of the movie. Having a baby is very painful, and as everyone knows- babies cry a lot.

When thinking of all the ways she could have avoided this near-death experience, an abortion would have been at the top of everyone’s list, being the pregnancy is one of the main obstacles and plot points of the entire movie. But she does not. She brings her baby to full term and delivers. She sacrifices her life for her baby and giving what some people call a “clump of cells” the right to life and the opportunity to grow.

This is a central pro-life argument for those who support the right to life. In 2021, in North America and Europe especially, there are so many organizations that help mothers who are in need during pregnancies, and all over the world, you can find religious organizations that are willing to give mothers anything and everything they need no questions asked. Yet, women don’t because many feel that it is too much of a sacrifice. It is! Having children is a sacrifice. You are placing your priorities onto another being. You are no longer the center of your life- your child is supposed to.

I know the movie is fictional, but we were all sitting in those theatres or on our coaches rooting for the mother and her child to live. Why can’t we do the same for babies and mothers in our universe? I think it is time for us to listen to the true messages of this movie and protect the most vulnerable among us.

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