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Rules for Life

During my life and all the people I’ve met, books I’ve read, and mentors I have worked/studied under, I have compiled a list of rules for life that everyone, especially men, should follow. These rules have shaped the way I have lived and have made me a better man.

This is only 50 rules, I know more will come and I hope these rules help you like how they have for me.

  1. Don’t expect life to be fair, it never will be, and don’t trust people who say life needs to be fair

  2. Never shake a man’s hand sitting down

  3. When you start a business, never hire your friends first

  4. If you’re going to fistfight, hit first and hit hard, and if you hit second make sure you hit harder than they did.

  5. Have a firm handshake

  6. If you are the smartest, most successful, or most ambitious person in the room, find a new room

  7. Make sure you are in order before you criticize the world

  8. Be grateful, even when the world is taking everything from you

  9. Avoid people who are close to people who dislike you

  10. Before you burn any bridges, make sure they don’t cause the bridges you need to catch fire

  11. If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation

  12. When you are wrong, admit it. When you are right, stay silent

  13. If you are going to pretend to be a gangster have the courage to be a gangster when the real gangster walks into the room

  14. Don’t blur the lines between confidence and arrogance

  15. Everything you’ve ever said will be used against you, but if you are not wrong do not apologize for it

  16. If a woman is wearing heels, always stay within arm’s length of her and always offer a hand when she walks, especially downstairs, so that she does not fall. It might not be a lot for men, but if a woman falls when wearing heels it will damage her self confidence forever

  17. Never let your emotions cloud your judgment, what is done in anger can never be undone

  18. Always pick up the phone when it rings, in a world where everyone text, phone calls are important

  19. Our minds are what will destroy us- the gun might have the bullet but it’s our minds that cause us to pull the trigger

  20. Be the calmest person in the room, but never let someone disrespect you

  21. Jealousy comes in the form of humor, so listen to the jokes people around you make

  22. Never believe in words, always watch their actions

  23. Never trust someone twice, they missed you with the first bullet when they shot you, don’t give them another chance to do that

  24. Always carry a light or a box of matches

  25. A good man is not a weak man, a good man is someone who is dangerous and has it under control. Weak men cause chaos, strong men keep order

  26. The pain you feel will leave you only after you finish learning your lesson

  27. If you wouldn't take advice from someone, don’t take criticism from them

  28. Never tell your secrets to someone who has told you other people’s secrets

  29. If someone is not listening to you, stop talking

  30. In a situation where everyone is panicking, be the calmest man in the room

  31. Be the strongest man at your father’s funeral

  32. Don’t bark if you can’t bite

  33. Sometimes the smartest thing to do is play stupid

  34. There are some games you don’t get to play unless you are all in. So if you want to play the game, you have to bet everything

  35. Don’t mistake someone being peaceful for being weak because they are the most dangerous

  36. Don’t be so desperate for money, success, or love that you drink from every cup that is handed to you because one day it will be poison

  37. Never apologize for being raised right

  38. Always say less than necessary

  39. Protect your reputation at all costs: your friends make your reputation

  40. Never disrespect someone who has the upper hand

  41. Never give more attention to your plan B than your plan A

  42. Don’t be late for dates

  43. Don’t be afraid to lose someone who isn’t afraid to lose you

  44. Only women, kids, and dogs are loved unconditionally, men you have to work to be loved. If you think that is unfair, go back to rule 1

  45. To achieve something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done

  46. Observe more, don’t make a move until you know the situation you are in

  47. When you first walk into the room always look for an exit, an ally, and the enemy

  48. Think outside the box

  49. Don’t let anyone, no matter how close to you, get comfortable with disrespecting you

  50. Always make eye contact


Parting is such sweet sorrow, but until we meet again.

With love,


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