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Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

By Leo Gray

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

I know I am playing into cliches, but I must. It’s not cliche if it’s the truth.

The ideas of progressions vs. traditions have been circulating all throughout time, and especially in the past, I would say decade to an extent that humanity can’t keep up with. I have nothing against progression, it is something that we need to have to better society, but we have gone so far off the ledge that we are hurting ourselves.

We have surrendered suburban and rural living and nature for crowded cities, and then the people in the suburbs have to be lectured by people who live in places literally titled Concert Jungles. We have fought for the rights of women, only for them to be given up to men who want to play dress up. I can go on with dozens of other examples.

It is OK to have progression but to completely ignore any and all traditions that have allowed us to survive for this long. We have destroyed the way humans interact and behave. We rather talk through text than call a friend or meet in person. Instead of going out and finding relationships, we are swiping left and right on people on Tinder, and if it’s not that, we are jacking off to people online. We’ve demonized working out and wanting to be healthy and worship obesity. A balanced human diet that kept our ancestors alive and well-nourished has been substituted for preservatives, chemicals, and sugars. Mental illness is through the roof. Physical health is plummeting. What are we doing?

We say this is all in the name of progress, but how are we benefiting from this progress?

Even before the pandemic, studies showed that we were the most isolated society had ever been, and the pandemic only worsened it. Now we rely on drugs, alcohol, social media, poor diets, and other vices to make us happy, and it is only making us weaker, unhealthier, and depressed.

We rip on our ancestors saying they were stupid along with other insults, but maybe we are the stupid ones for not listening to them more. Have you ever thought of that? Perhaps if we go back to tradition, we will find happiness and balance in ourselves and our society.

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