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Patrick Bateman is Having a Moment, and Sigma Males are Missing the Point

By Leo Gray

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So I told Emma to read American Psycho and that caused the start of her podcast, and then she passed it on to her coach and others. Am I single-handedly driving the resurgence of American Psycho?

The answer is yes. Yes, I am.

American Psycho is starting to make its rounds again on the internet, and I see a lot of men saying that they want to be just like Patrick Bateman. Emma always sends me the #SadSigmaGrindset videos because she knows I enjoy laughing at them like many other people. I think most men like to laugh at the Sad Sigma Males.

Patrick Bateman is not someone to idolize, and those who do, not for satirical purposes, are very concerning. Guys who obsess over Bateman are in the same category as girls who are obsessed with serial killers. It’s not something you should be proud of, and it’s not something that needs to be the center of all your Instagram story posts.

We are not supposed to like Patrick, even Christian Bale, when asked what he likes about Patrick says that there is nothing he likes about him. I understand if someone wants to look like him or be rich like him, because honestly, who wouldn’t want the body of Christian Bale, or the money that allows us to dress in designer clothes and go out to fancy restaurants.

I think why Bateman gains the connection with people, especially men, is the line he gives in the taxi cab, “I want to fit in,” because, at the root of it all, everyone wants to fit in. Patrick is seen as a loser. His friends don’t like him, the prostitutes he goes out with see him as a creep, and Paul Allen can’t even remember his name. We see him freak out when people mistake his suits for cheaper brands and when he can’t get a reservation at Dorsia. He is rich, and his job allows him into certain social settings and cliques, but he is not highly regarded in them. Bateman works out to get the body he has and wears the clothes he does so that he can be on display to try to get people to like and respect him.

But no matter what suit you wear or how many crunches you can do, at the end of the day, if people view you as a loser, that is what you are. Bateman is called boring and a dork throughout the film, and that is how he is considered by the people around him. So why would anyone want to be like that? That isn’t even touching upon the violence he does.

Now onto the most obvious point, I can make. Why would anyone want to idolize or be like a serial killer, or at the very least someone who is clearly mentally unstable (depends on what storyline you follow with either it all happening or being imagined in Patrick’s mind)? You don’t see stable people going around saying they want to be like Ted Bundy or Jeffery Dahmer. Fictional killers are no different when it comes to our view of them.

I once saw a TikTok of a guy saying that because he can’t get a girl, he will devote his time to looking like Bateman. News flash, that might be the reason why you can’t get a girl because girls tend not to like men who obsess over serial killers whose primary target is women. I know I don’t have that Sigma Mindset, but every once in a while, two thoughts collide together to make a good one.

You can call yourself whatever you want, but Simga Males, if you want more people to join your group or community, or whatever you call it, maybe don’t make a loser and serial killer your icon.

You’re missing the point of American Psycho.

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