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Molon Labe, My Dear Government

By Richard V.



Pronounced “MOH-lon LAH-veh” is probably one of the most incredible lines ever to be uttered in the history of mankind. The history behind those two words has stretched farther than you can imagine.

Molon Labe was first uttered by the King Leonidas of Sparta in 480 B.C. during the Battle of Thermopylae between the Spartans and the Persians. King Xerxes Ⅰ of Persia demanded that the Spartans lay down their arms and surrounded them. Leonidas responded with Molon Labe.

Come and take them.

Over time the phrase has been used by different groups of people, but now it is primarily used with the Pro-2A community in America. I can’t imagine a better expression for them to have.

I try to stay out of politics, especially in public forums like this. I think politics is closed doors type of conversation many times. I don’t like when it becomes like a lecture. But I tend to get pulled in when the firearm debates get pulled in. That and immigration being I am not originally from America. I was actually supposed to write about immigration for the launch of The Senate, but I switched last minute to talk about this being firearms are near and dear to my heart in many ways.

I don’t hide the fact that my parents are dead. There is not reason to hide it. Do I go around screaming it at the top of my lungs? No. But I tell this story to try to have people understand why I think the way I do in regards to firearms.

My mother and father were killed in a home invasion that went wrong. They didn’t know anyone was home and when the criminals crossed paths with my parents things escalated and they shot my parents. And you might be thinking, Rich, that is why we need gun laws!

But what if I told you that they were illegal guns that the criminals had. I used to live in France where the gun laws are extremely strict. When I came to America to live with my uncle he taught me how to shoot, I wasn’t old enough to have a permit yet. That didn’t stop him from teaching me how to defend myself.

I don’t tell that story to gain sympathy points. I don’t want your sympathy points.

What I want is for you to realize that if evil people wants to do harm they will do harm. If evil can not get their means legally they will do it illegally. Guns are no different. If criminals don’t get them legally they will get them illegally. And if my parents had a legal gun in the house they would be alive today.

I know manufacture and sell firearms. I met some of my closests friends through a shared love for either the sport of shooting or our beleifs on that. I teach people how to shoot, espcially woman and children because they are the most vulnerable among us and firearms are truly the great equalizer between people.

I am not writing this to convince you to go out and get a firearm and become a huge lover of guns. But I am writing this to show you the side of the argument the media and gun-control advocates don’t want to tell you. The CDC has predicted that a range of 60,000 to 2.5 million crimes a year are stopped due to the target or someone else having a gun to stop the criminal, whether that is used or just the threat of it caused the incident to stop.

I look at that and see up to 2.5 million kids going home to their parents, parents seeing their kids, men protecting their families, women making sure they are not assaulted. Think of that.

Yes, bad things happen and yes bad people get their hands on firearms. But there are more good people than bad people in this world, even if the media doesn’t want you to know about them.

That is why I stand so firmly with the saying of the Spartans. Molon Labe has been and forever will be the battle cry of those who are self sovereign and have the desire to protect their families will their lives.

I will never stop fighting for those rights. The rights that if my parents had they would still be alive today.

And if the government wants to come and take them from me, I will tell them my second favorite Spartan quotes.


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