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By Eric Factor

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Hello people, I am here before you today to present the religion “Lifeology”. There is no founder of the religion as it is based on the belief in God (a higher power) purely on the observation of the universe we live in. We live on a planet that is rotating at a speed of about 1,674 kilometers an hour in outer space that happens to be in 1 of the 100 billion galaxies which is ever expanding. As we live in one of those galaxies called the milky way which spans at least 100,000 light-years and probably contains several hundred billion stars. In this galaxy there is something called the earth, the sun, and the moon. The moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun. And if any of the earth, sun, or moon were a little out of place, all of the world as we know it would not exist. Seems almost too good to be true. That is all happening outside of earth, now let’s just see how special earth is as its own self. First, we need oxygen, which comes mostly from the ocean’s marine plants. The ocean makes up 71% of the earth's surface. The ocean contains high amounts of salt which give a place to live for 228,450 known species to live in the ocean — and as many as 2 million more that remain a total mystery. We got millions of species that can breathe under water that range from killer whales, gigantic octopuses, to a basic tuna fish. Just beautiful animals with whole complex ecosystems that exist under the sea for the last billion something years. So where else do we get oxygen besides the ocean? Well the rest of the 71% which equals the amount of 29% land. On the land there are trees that give us oxygen with the earth’s rainforests that are responsible for about one third of the oxygen the earth has. There are 6.5 million species on land from the king of the jungle – a lion, to the long necked giraffes, to the stripe’s zebras, to the little mosquito. We are all breathing the same air which is kept on earth by something called an atmosphere which I don’t even know how to explain. Crazy stuff man, but I didn’t even get to the good part. The most incredible creation of them all is “us”. Human beings, We are so special and that can be easily seen in just being able to discuss this idea of creation of a religion. What makes us so special? Well let’s start off with the perfect design. We have two eyes to see the world, two ears to hear the world, a nose to smell the world, a mouth to talk to the world, two hands to pick up things, two feet to walk around the world, and one body to keep us all together. Inside the body, we have lungs to breathe, a stomach to consume food/water, heart to keep us alive, etc. It doesn’t stop. Then we have two different genders which are about a 50/50 split down the middle. The male has penis and the female has a vagina. Each gender is sexually attractive to the other gender in most cases, which allows for arousal and love. For reproduction you know what enters what, with the whole sperm and the egg. No need for the talk about it but 9 months later the female gives birth to a new human who has its own unique fingerprint, eyes, and personality. What can the human do? It is endless man. With the mind and consciousness of a human, possibilities are endless. Most humans can do the bare minimum which can communicate through languages, come up with ideas, work with their physical body, etc. Then we have people who can be leaders and remembered forever, people that have created a computer that can fit in your pocket, people that have created skyscrapers that touch the sky. Then there can also be people who fall into the cycle of addiction with alcohol and drugs. Two different paths for humans’ experiences because with this much complexity there is going to be a wide variation between outcomes. Different continents, different countries, different weather, different languages, different cultures, different religions, different races. We became so different as more and more people were born and with the separation of continents. However the belief in “Lifeology” is the end of the day we are all the same which is a “human-being”. The same and we should all have an understanding of certain ideas. Are duty being to observe the greatness of this world and understand how special it is. No matter how much struggle, pain, and tragedy there can be on earth, we look past that and have faith that this couldn’t be possible without a higher force having a hand in this beautiful universe. There is no body of text for the religion as it isn’t based on no specific god or text, just observation and gratitude. We can observe the incredible design of the universe but the famous question of “Why are we here?”. What does the religion of “Lifeology” explain the existence of humans on earth. The idea each person is put on this earth to reach their human potential by being the very best possible person they can be. As you are trying to reach your human potential, you should also be spreading love and positivity with it as well. In the religion of “Lifeology” there aren’t many practice however there is one certain practice to take 10 minutes out of your day to be grateful for all things you have in your life. You can write it down on a piece of paper, speak it out loud, or merely think it in your head. The enemy of the religion are any organized religion that follows god which they believe 100% certain that they have the correct creator and we have all the answers to what I means to be here. The definition of the word “religion” is a particular system based on worship and faith. I think the religion of “Lifeology” upholds the notion of what a “religion” can be. “Lifeology” is a faith system that believes in a god for what he has made for us. A religion doesn’t have to have a certain god, a passage of text, a messiah, or large amounts of laws and traditions. In “Lifeology” it is about a higher power's impact on the universe and to appreciate how special it is to be a living human being.

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