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Ladies We Need to Treat Our Men Better

By Sarah Rodgers

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As a generation, speaking in broad terms, we don’t know how to date properly. Especially women. Blame is on both sides, but I am highly critical of women because we always scream and cry about how men don’t know how to treat a woman but have you ever seen how we treat men?

I’ve seen women constantly beat down men with “check your privilege” or making rude jokes about them. This idea that women can’t be sexist to men or mistreat them because of “oppression” or “privilege” has opened the floodgates for anti-men rhetoric, and it is negatively affecting them. How would you feel if you woke up every morning and knew that because of some factor you can’t control, you are evil and the cause of everyone’s problem? Oh, wait, that now most of the population is because of all these critical theories, and you wonder why there is a bigger divide between groups of people.

Women have worked to feminize men and degrade masculinity which has done nothing but hurt both sexes. This idea of degrading men and making them feel inferior to women has clearly taken a toll on the men of our society, even though they are not allowed to or don’t admit it.

We have disregarded and shunned 50% of the world’s population because of radical feminism and actually, you can’t even say radical feminism anymore. It is just straight feminism.

Men are not allowed to have opinions on abortion, or the “wage gap,” or sex work, or anything else that affects women, but if they agree with the correct feminist view, then they are allowed to speak and have an opinion. If they don’t hold the same opinion, then they are not allowed to

I’ve seen men who try to flirt and compliment a woman, and they scolded for “sexual harassment” and “sexual assault” because apparently now approaching someone to ask them out on a date or to compliment them is harassment and assault.

I read articles about women who can’t figure out why they can’t get a man, but they are not willing to sacrifice for a man like how they expect a man to do for them.

We are constantly asking for men to make sacrifice after sacrifice for us, but we never do anything in return. We can’t properly function like that. We can’t keep asking men to change, and do what we want, and always work none stop for women, and then we do nothing in return.

Yes, many men like the chase and the “cat & mouse” type game, but now I see women dangling it in front of them and play men for a laugh. That is not what a woman should do to someone who shows that they want to care for her. Or women who get upset that their or their potential boyfriend, fiance, or husband aren’t happy that they want to work as a stripper or a have an OnlyFans. Women complain about the idea of men cheating and playing their feelings yet do the same to them. Do you really not think that selling your nudes and talking to guys online isn’t cheating? It is, and you need to mature if you think otherwise. If you don’t let men do it, then why should we let women do it.

It is a double standard, and it is the constant double standards between men and women that will future cause this gap between the sexes and make it harder and harder for us to interact the way we are meant to.

We must treat our men better. It is not fair the way society is treating them, and it is our fault. We need to start sticking up for our men when they are wronged. They do it for us, and it’s only fair that we women return the favor.

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