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I Hope I Offended You, Snowflake

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

By Leo Gray

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

My mother comes from an old-school Russian family. My father is a mix of Irish and Italian. This soft, squishy, emotional BS doesn’t fly in my family. Do you know what would happen if I told my father that he offended me or if I told my mother to check her privilege? I would get my ass handed to me, and I would be sleeping outside as the dog got my bed.

I don’t understand why, in first-world countries, we have become addicted to the feeling of being offended. We take everything so personally, and there is no reason to. If you get offended by everything, then just stay home. It makes life easier for everyone else because no one wants to deal with you. I can assure you most people don’t care, and those who do care are those who are happy you got offended. I can promise you I am a mixture of both.

I once was talking to someone at college, and they were talking about how mean someone was to them, and the entire time they were rambling, I just kept thinking, this person wasn’t being mean to them; they were just stating a fact that they didn’t like.

My advice to you, don’t get offended by facts. Many times facts are offensive because they cause your fantasy to be broken. I know you don’t like it, but it will make your life and the probability for people to tolerant you better.

I know I’m harsh, but what do you expect? You mixed some of the most intense ethnicities together then combined it with the confidence and ambition of an American. That is how you got me.

Don’t go running for safe spaces—man up already. If you are running to cry and lock yourself away because someone has a different opinion than you or has a different skin color and sexuality or anything else, you are an immature baby. I said it. Anyone who demands a safe space is not an adult in my book. And I’m not talking about people who actually need something like that. Trauma victims or abuse victims who need to find refuge somewhere should have spaces like that. They are the ones who need it. Not you who wants to have a crying closest because you don’t like white people, straight people, and/or people who follow the rules of biology— you are not a trauma victim or a victim by any means. You are just stupid and immature.

Being offended is a natural occurrence. You are going to have conflict in your life, and you are going to have people who think, act, and believe differently than you. You should actively seek out those people. Humanity has progressed the way we have by staying isolated. Look at places that have. Have they progressed as much, or at all, compared to nations that have embraced the idea of welcoming different people? They haven’t.

People also don’t realize how good they have it in western and first-world nations. In China, they have concentration camps; in Afhagansistan, they kill or imprison anyone who doesn’t follow Sharia Law to a T and have the Taliban knocking on their doorstep every waking moment; in Indonesia, they hang nets across the alleyways between buildings because adults and children alike try to kill themselves because they work eighteen hours a sweatshops to make a dollar a day; and in Kuwait, there is no law stopping a husband from beating and raping his wife. I can go on and on.

These people would give anything to be in your shoes and to go to university and live in a first-world country where they can have equal rights, protections, and opportunities. And yet here you are crying safe space because someone doesn’t want to date you because you don’t have the parts they are attracted to? That is offensive to them. I’m sure those people wish to the first-world problems we experience in America.

Compared to other people worldwide, you are privileged to live in a first-world country. You are so trapped in your self-centered bubble that you don’t think about these people. We are so used to life being easy that we are making up problems to keep ourselves occupied. That really is what you are doing, and I know you don’t want to admit it, but it’s true. Everyone with a working brain and mature personality knows it.

So next time you are about to get offended, picture me holding a champagne glass with a smug smile, making toasting in your honor because I hope I offended you, snowflake.

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