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Gas Prices are the Least of Our Worries

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

By Leo Gray

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

I don’t know about you, but I could go for some mean tweets from the big bad orange man right about now.

I was on Tik Tok, I know the waste of space and genuinely gut-wrenching cringe cluster pile it is, but I was on there because my friend constantly spams me with stupid political Tik Tok, typically followed with the text “if I had to see this you do to.”

And to think a single Tik Tok caused me to write this entire article. Crazy how the world works.

In this video, a girl was probably about fifteen, hair pink, the whole face is pierced, pronouns are they/it in the bio. I’m sure you have the image of her in your head now.

She was talking about how the USA is in such a better place than it was when Trump was in office, and so many people in her comments agreed with her.

And I know you are being force-fed CNN, and that might be why you are thinking that. But get off of Tik Tok and Instagram and turn off CNN and look at the world you are stumbling through with your pink hair and gender issues. If you can honestly say the US is in a better position under Sleepy Joe and Cackling Kamala, I know the indoctrination of Drag Queen Story Time has really sunk its roots into you.

I know this sounds harsh, I know that very well, but the reason I am like this is because I love my country, and I love the people of my country and our allies, and I hate seeing the suffering that is occurring.

Men and women who work day and night to provide for their families are being fired because they won’t inject themselves with a drug that they do not trust because of how it is being pushed by big government and bureaucrats. Yet I see people who have sat at home and collect unemployment for generations paint these people as the bad guys for wanting to work and make their own choices with their bodies. Hey, news flash, if these people are out of a job, then your unemployment won’t be paid for.

I’m watching children and young adults being forced to wear masks that aren’t proven to help in any way for that age group. If anything, it harms them. I’ve seen numerous videos of students running or playing with other students either in sports or on the playground, and they faint due to a lack of air. How is that healthy?

What about very young kids like three, four, and five who are having their first interactions with people, and we are telling them that they must hide their face and not touch anything or anyone; otherwise, they will kill grandma. Holy hell, I should be a therapist with the number of kids that are going to need help in the next couple of years to overcome their anxiety and social issues due to this.

Inflation is through the roof, and Biden just keeps spending more and more money. A trillion there, a couple hundred billion there. What’s another five trillion to fund another pointless government program? We are already 28 Trillion dollars in debt. A little more won’t hurt the working Americans just trying to feed their families and want to be left alone.

Just look at gas prices. They jumped immediately after Biden came into office and shut down American pipelines causing us to become reliant on the middle east again, which, if you don’t know, aren’t our friends and are allied with China and Russia- our two biggest rivals at the moment! I saw a picture from a few weeks ago that somewhere in California, probably LA, that gas was six dollars a gallon. Can you imagine that? Six dollars a gallon! Under Trump, gas was 3 dollars on a bad day.

The boarder is worse than it has been in years. We have more kids in cages, covid cases coming over, sex and drug trafficking is skyrocketing, rapes and assaults of young women are at terrifying levels. But hey, Kamala has never been to Europe either.

Europe. Souther Board. Tomato tomato. You know how the saying goes.

When you get asked a tricky question, just laugh, and that will give you enough time to come up with a BS excuse.

The event that has angered me the most during the Biden regime, and I really mean anger because many things have. But how he handled Afghanistan.

Trump had a plan! Literally, all you had to do was follow the steps the man left you. It was written out for you, like when a mom leaves a list of chores for the kids.

Biden left billions of dollars of high-end and state-of-the-art military equipment for the Taliban. He left innocent American soldiers, American civilians, innocent Aghani citizens, and what saddens me the most is women and young girls at the mercy of the Taliban. Because Joe Biden “trust them.”

I trust the Taliban as much as I trust the serpent in the garden of Eden.

Reports of woman and young girls already being public whipped, raped, forced out of education and jobs, sold in sex slavery and forced into marriages makes me so angry that words can not even describe it.

As men, and especially men in power, it is our job to protect women and children. That is why God put us on this earth.

I saw a video of a young girl screaming, “help the Taliban are coming to get me,” as she was trying to climb the wall to grab the US Soldiers to help her into the airport. Luckily they did grab her, and dear Lord, I hope she is somewhere safe. But can you imagine a child, she didn’t even look ten, screaming for her life in fear. This didn’t have to happen.

It brought me to tears, and if I could, I would fly out there now to help these people.

Where are the feminists? Where are the liberals and the social justice warriors? Where are Lebron James and all these other big-time celebrities? I’m not hearing anything from any of you cowards. Everyone got very silent real quick about their support for Biden. You feminists are cowards. I always knew you were, but now it really shows. Don’t ever talk to me about ‘toxic masculinity’ because I held a door open for you when you have Sharia Law and the widespread sex trafficking of children in Afghanistan (and many other countries) right now.

And finally, the soldiers. We haven’t had military deaths in Afghanistan in months, and in a single day, we had thirteen. All young Americans who had so much more to give this world. Young Americans who stayed to help these innocent people and they were slaughtered. They didn’t have to die. They shouldn’t have died. The blood is on this administration’s hands.

What flavor ice cream are you having, Joe? Kamala, we love that suit; you’re so relatable with your white converse.

Don’t ask about Afghanistan. Don’t ask about vaccine passports. Don’t ask about the inflation rates. Don’t ask about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Don’t ask about any of that.

Just shut up, behave, and remember you saved 16 cents on your 4th of July BBQ.

We’re screwed. Wake up, America. My country, her people, and her allies are dying because of this administration.

I could use some mean tweets right about now if that means girls in Afghanistan are saved and that the middle class isn’t being suffocated, and that our men and women in uniform make it home to their families.

Mean tweets don’t seem too bad anymore when you put it all into perspective.

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