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Finding the Balance for Masculinity

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

By Leo Gray

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In the words of the original cuck himself, Jack Murphy- fuck you, heartfelt.

Recently the talk of masculinity has been discussed, and I realized I write a lot about this, but I hope I don’t sound like one of those Alpha Chads because those people are sometimes as worse as what they view as Beta Males. The two sides of the spectrum are both wrong, and in this article, I’ll break it down because I care about men and women, and I want us both to be successful and to accomplish that, we need to understand masculinity and what it is supposed to be.

Men need to find the balance in themselves because if you fall too far on the “beta” side, you are going to create a weak family and not be able to support them, but if you push too hard to the “alpha” side like Jack Murphy or Fit and Fresh or anyone at AlphaCon you are never going to find a woman who can tolerate you or have healthy relationships with those around you.

Being a man is not forcing yourself on women and being an ass. It is about providing for your family and making your society better. You certainly aren’t going to do it by being weak or by being an ass.

Masculinity is not supposed to be a dick measuring contest, nor is it supposed to make us feel some imaginary guilt to make us want to cut it off. Sorry for the blunt words, but it is true. We have turned it into who can lift the most weight, have sex with the most girls, and who can establish dominance over everyone and everything, or the lack of it has caused men to feminize themselves to the point we might as well be women.

I know not all men are the same. Trust me, I’ve been around men who are much different than me, but all men should strive to be strong in their way of life.

Don’t lift heavy weights to show off your strength to other men. Lift weights so you can carry your wife on your wedding day and pick up your kids when they run into your arms. Don’t flaunt your sexual history to make yourself seem better but respect your future partners enough to only show them that side of you. And most importantly, do not let anyone walk over you but don’t bully others into submission of you.

A friend once told me this, and it rings true. If you are a man and are an “alpha,” you don’t need to announce it.

Follow the steps of our ancestors and be the men we were meant to be, not some “beta” or “alpha” rejects who are trying to make ourselves feel better.

Being a man is complicated, just like how being a woman is. But don’t let anyone question your masculinity or make you feel bad for having it. It will lead to the fall of our society.

Because if you let society fall and ruin the future of your family, from the bottom of my heart- fuck you, heartfelt.

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