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Dress for Your Style: Modesty

By Savannah Lewis


Hello, my lovelies!

I’m going to be honest, I do not dress modestly. I’m no liar, but I have a couple of friends who dress modestly for a slew of reasons, and it was recommended for me to write about it, so here I am. Just because I don’t dress in a modest sense and because it is seen as more “niche” in society now does not mean you can’t dress fashionable and look cute in this style.

This is primarily directed toward women and their modest styles for them, and I do know that some women dress modestly for religious purposes. I don’t know many things about religious rules and laws, so these are all universal tips and tricks that can be altered to meet the rules of different religions.


I will admit I’ve been guilty of thinking that modesty is only bland colors. No! Modesty doesn’t ban you from wearing colors. You don’t need to just wear black, browns, and greys that are seen in movies and our predetermined judgments. Wear bright pinks, purples, reds, and other colors and mix and match them. Colors help to bring a pop to any and all outfits.


Don’t clash prints! But prints can help to brighten an outfit. Polka dots, stripes, animal prints, and more can help bring something extra to an outfit rather than flat colors.

Jewelry, scarfs, and other accessories

Diamonds are a girls best friend (even if they are costume jewelry). Jewelry, scarfs, purses, gloves, and other types of accessories can help to elevate an outfit. My favorite is using diamond and pearl necklaces which if you do not want to wear real ones, costume ones look almost identical to real ones to the naked eye, it can help bring more style to outfits. I also know they are an easy thing to style being diamonds and pearly are universal with what they match.


Sweaters, vest, tank tops, blouses, tight/stockings, and other articles of clothing being placed above or under your main articles of clothing are easy ways to stay modest. One of my friend’s favorite go to layering option is a thin turtle neck shirt under dress shirts/blouses, and stocking under skirts. Make sure you are careful when layers especially in warmer weather and climates. Don’t layer in Southern Texas the same way people do in Northern New York. Know the heat and humidity of your area and make sure to layer appropriately.


Belts are so important when dressing modestly. Many modesty clothes I’ve seen like dresses, blazers, and shirts don’t show your body’s shape. Using a belt can make clothes look less baggy while still being modest. It will give your a shape and will also show your body’s proportions.


Picking fabrics is just as important as the layering. Like I said above you have to be smart and aware of the weather when layers and picking fabrics is the same. In warmer climates pick fabrics like silk, polyester, and linen. These will help keep you cooler and also absorb sweat. In colder climates wear fabrics like wool, tweed, denim and other heavier fabrics to combat the cold.

Those are some simple tips and tricks to help you style for modesty and just like every other style, dress in what is most comfortable for you.

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