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Dress For Your Body Type: Rectangular Frame

By Savannah Lewis


Hello, my Lovelies! I am so excited to do the first part of my series with The New Parthenon, where I help you style your body shape. I am going to do an article on each body shape and how to properly style your body to look the best you can because I genuinely believe that all of us deserve to feel and look good in the clothes we wear.

Rectangular shaped body frames are characterized as

  • Little to no definition in the waist

  • Small to average size in the midriff area

  • Hips and bust are close in width size

  • Straight shoulder line and ribcages

These characters are the main characteristics, and now I will teach you what areas to focus on when styling.

Due to the similar width sizes of the bust and hips, you create a well-proportioned silhouette compared to other body shapes, and so the waist must be the focus in order to break up the rectangular shape. Focus on cinching your waist to create more curves in the waist area, or wear a high-waisted pant that brings attention to your waist and pulls it in, causing the illusion of a smaller and cinched waist.

Clothing is all about illusions when it comes to highlighting or hiding factors you want to.

To define the waist better, you can use belts, waist trainers, or corsets, wear darker clours around the waist area (black and navy blue are extremely slimming colors), or avoid clothes that end at the waist.

Adding dimension to your frame also helps. Simple things like loose-fitted or sleeves with flowy ends or jeans with a bootcut flare can help to add a little extra style and emphasis on the better parts of your figure.

Fashion is all about finding what works best for you, and there is a period of trial and error that will stump everyone. Do not let this discourage you.

Just remember, all my ladies with rectangular frames- cinched waists, and flares in the pants and sleeves can be the small and simple changes you need to help you rock your style.

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