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Dress For Your Body Type: Pear-Shape Bodies

By Savannah Lewis


Hello, my lovelies! I’m back today to talk about how to dress for pear-shaped bodies. I truly believe with the right cuts and style; anybody can look nice in their clothes.

Pear-shaped body frames are characterized as

  • A defined waist and larger hips

  • Full thighs and hips

  • Muscular looking legs

  • Hips are wider than the shoulders

It is important to note that weight gains tend to be visible in the hips, midriff area, and thighs. Which, if you are self-confident about, are easy to cover with a simple change in style. Pear shape bodies have some of the most diverse set of options when you are creating outfits to work with, and in my short but eventful life, I’ve learned that men love a woman with a pear-shaped body, you might not realize it, but many times they lean towards it. So let’s go over some designs, fashion, and styling tactics to help you show off the characteristics of your body.

With pear-shaped bodies, your lower have is already where most of the attention goes, so we are going to bring the attention up to your top half to even out the gaze.

Number one rule before I get into anything, and I will put it in bold so you don’t forget it. Do not hide your waist! With a body shape like yours, your waist is the last thing you want to hide. Show it off, it is one of the most dominant features.

When styling yourself, focus on your shoulders and pick tops that visually widen your shoulder line. It will make you look more proportioned when comparing your shoulders to your hips. Also, pick tops with fun patterns, details, prints, or textures to bring attention to your upper half.

I know not many women like push-up bras because they can be uncomfortable, but search for a good quality one that is comfortable for you. With pear-shaped bodies, your bust tends to be smaller, and lifting your chest will again make you more proportional. Everything in fashion is about proportions. They are the key to successful styling.

At your neckline, work on embellishment, neck scarfs, off the shoulder, and structured sleeves all help to bring attention to your neckline and give shape to your shoulders.

Now to focus on your lower half. Work to emphasize the hips and thighs. The key is to find where your waist bends, and your hips begin. Look for when your pelvis bone begins. That is where your waist stops, and your hips begin. That marks the line for emphasis and de-emphasis for you.

When wearing shirts, sweaters, or blazers, focus on the length and make sure pieces are hip-length or are cropped. Crop tops actually look very nice on pear-shaped bodies if you are into the style. If not hip, length tops work perfectly well to show off your figure.

For jackets, the cut should be simple. Make sure it is fitted at the top and flaring at the bottom, or make sure there is a belt with it. Continue to create dimensions and proportions with yourself, and get a jacket that comes in at the waist (or tie a belt) to show your top and bottom half. Trench coats are a great example of jackets that works well with pear-shaped bodies.

Wear darker colors and shades. Black, navy blue, dark brown, and gray are all slimming colors. Wear those because not only will that give the perception of a slime bottom figure but also continue to bring attention to your top that will be colorful, patterns, and flare.

Avoid skinny or tight bottoms. For cuts, my best recommendations or flare, high-rise, or bootcut pants, especially jeans. This will bring your waist in a while, also compressing your hips and thighs. They are a flattering cut on pear-shaped bodies and also a very comfortable cut too. Another name for them is Columbian cut jeans which have a combination of the three cuts I listed above.

Skirts I recommend fitted and flaring skirts that come in at the waist and then come out. Avoid pencil skirts. Dresses are the same, hip flare skirts and dresses that embellish the waist and go out.

I know I gave you a lot of information, but my pear-shaped women, just remember don’t be afraid to show off your waist, and when in doubt, fit and flare are the way to go. Have confidence in yourself, and you’ll learn when you dress for your body shape, you will look and feel better.

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