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Dress For Your Body Type: Inverted Triangle

By Savannah Lewis


Hello, my lovelies! I’m back today to talk about how to dress for pear-shaped bodies. I truly believe with the right cuts and style, anybody can look nice in their clothes.

Inverted triangle body shapes are characterized as:

  • Broad shoulders

  • Narrow hips

  • Little to no waist definition

  • Toned legs

There are three primary keys to styling this type of body shape, and those are:

  1. Volume in the hip area

  2. Softening your shoulders

  3. Adding definition to your waist

All three of these factors tie into some simple but impact styling tips.

Wear tops with asymmetrical necklines or v-necks. This help brings attention away from your shoulders and helps to slim them down. Both of these designs bring attention down away from your shoulders.

I know it can be uncomfortable for women, this next tip, so don’t do it unless you are comfortable with it. Unbuttoning the first or first two buttons of your shirt also helps to bring attention away from your shoulders. It does bring attention to your chest rather than your shoulder, so make sure you are comfortable with it.

Wearing long blazers or jackets with ties/belts can help. This helps to bring not only volume to your hips because of how the jackets and blazers fall, but it also helps define your waist with belts and ties that help create a shape with articles that tend to be bulky.

The most important thing is to avoid shoulder pads. Shoulder pads (not only are they outdated) but make your shoulders broader than they already are. The shoulder pads form a inverted triangle shape, and when your body is already that shape, it will only make your body look unproprtional. Shoulder pads are the last thing you want to wear when you have an inverted triangle-shaped body.

I want to end this with the saying I always give. All bodies are beautiful, and you deserve to feel comfortable in your clothes. Dressing for your body type can help your gain more confidence and be able to express yourself.

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