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Don't Play Stupid Games

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

By Leo Gray

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Never half-ass something.

Half-assing something leads to failure. It’s stupid.

Life is a game, and it’s a complicated game that is very hard to win. But one thing is for sure if you tip-toe around what you want or you only commit to it partially, you are going to get nothing.

Life is a game that if you don’t go all in, you are going to fail. That is certain.

It is hard. I know it is. If I could sum up life in one sentence, it is that life is a serious game, and if you play it like a stupid game, you will win stupid prizes.

I’ve met many people so far in my life, and I hope to meet more, millions more. When we meet people, we grow more as people, and we can evolve and learn. That is why I am telling you that when you half-ass your goals and don’t take the life we have seriously, and you play life like it is a meaningless game, you are going to be disappointed with what you get in return.

You can’t achieve what you want if you are unwilling to do what is necessary. Someone I was once friends with died in a freak accident, and I can sit here and play the what-if game all I want, but I think that if he focused on his passions, he wouldn’t have been there. He always said that he would work on his music later and that he had to help his dad’s conduction business in the meantime, and he died without being able to produce the music he wanted to. It breaks my heart, and I miss my friend every day, I miss hearing him talk about his music and sitting in his room as he would mess around with the equipment, and I miss the idea of me being able to go on tour with him as he DJs.

I don’t like playing Monday morning quarterback, and I know very well that I can’t go back to change what happened or force him to sit back down at his computer to make music, but his life can be used as a lesson, and it is a lesson I take very seriously.

If we want something, we need to go after it 100%. Life is a game we don’t get to play unless we put everything on the line. When we don’t put it on the line, we will die with regret or meet a fate we didn’t intend for because we weren’t doing what we were called to do.

Don’t treat life like it is a stupid game. Don’t forget that we have a timer going, and we don’t know when the game will end. I’m not saying this to make you dive headfirst into your project right now and throw everything else away, but what I am saying is that if you treat your passions, goals, and dreams like they are stupid and that they aren’t worth you fully effort than don’t get upset when you end up with a stupid prize.

In life, we get what we earn, not what we want. If you play smart, you will be happy with your performance at the end of the day, and if you play stupid games, don’t be upset when you win stupid prizes.


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