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A Testament of the Will

A Testament of the Will

By: Bryan Ricardo Marini Quintana

I am

I am stories

I am consciousness

A fabrication of Time and Space

A manifestation of Testimony and Will

With their words I materialize

With their ideas I cement

I am their questions and answers

I am vain aspirations and hopeful dreams

Through me philosophies and theories are discussed

Through me tales and fables are recounted

Through me joys and sorrows are remembered

Through me hatred and love are expressed

I am Time and Space

I am the Ticking Clock

I am the Corroding Stone

Transporting them to the past and future

Transporting them to the confines of earth and vastness of space

I am the Voice

I am a Tangible Figure

I am a Phantom Figure

Through which objects feel

Through which animals talk

Through which humans ponder

I am

I am the Testament of Humanity

I am the Will of Humanity

With their emotions liberated

With their creativity explored

With their thoughts recorded

With their memory safeguarded

They call me History

They call me Literature

They call me Philosophy

I am

I am their Testament of Existence

I am their Will to Live

I am their escape from death

Avoiding swift forgetfulness

I am their key to immortality

Indulging perpetual remembrance

(Vincent van Gogh, The Yellow Books, 1887)

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